Researchers Find Women Pushing Mates to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

Researchers compiled data from a high-end dating agency and a cosmetic surgery clinic to find an interesting new trend in the United Kingdom. According to the researchers there is a growing number of women searching for a partner with the promise of professional and financial success plus the good looks to fit the society lifestyle. Appearance of a potential mate is a top priority for women, says Mairead Molloy, founder of Berkeley International, an exclusive dating agency. It is so important to women that they are investing their own money in cosmetic procedures for their man. The Private Clinic of Harley Street (London) has noticed a significant increase in women paying the bills for men’s procedures. The most common treatments include hair transplants and body sculpting. At The Private Clinic, men account for 50 percent of all liposuction patients and the number of male clients opting for torso shaping has tripled in the last two years. “The majority of the male patients I treat for hair loss explain that it is actually the opinions of their partner that they are most concerned with,” says Restore Hair Clinics (London) hair restoration surgeon Raghu Reddy M.D.  So even if women are not paying, they are encouraging their partner to seek out procedures. Additionally, board-certified plastic surgeon Yannis Alexandrides M.D. credits the innovations in aesthetic surgery in recent years and popularity of women’s procedures for this rise in cosmetic treatments for men. Women simply want their mate to keep up appearances.