A Skin Regimen for Client Travel

Earlier this year, I sat down with the cofounders of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group (CA) and Beverly Hills MD skincare line. John Layke, M.D., and Payman Danielpour, M.D., have been pioneering plastic surgery techniques and cosmetic technology for nearly a decade in their practice, and with the launch of their skincare line they’re able to share their knowledge of skin and aging even farther. They’ve been logging quite a few miles to promote and share their skincare line, so I asked them to give their top travel tips for maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Here’s what they recommend:

PRE-HYDRATE—You’ve heard of pre-gaming, but pre-hydrating is where it’s at for looking your best during and after travel. Put a little extra leave-in conditioner in your hair before blow-drying. From the neck down, treat your skin to a generous helping of body butter or body oil — they might be too heavy for everyday use, but they’re ideal for travel. Apply a DOUBLE layer of your richest moisturizer (like Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream) to your face and neck right before leaving the house.

HYDRATE—Inside & Out. Drink like a flight attendant— eight ounces of water every hour. And pack a facial water spray in your carry-on. Spray your face and neck at least once every hour of flight time.

FORTIFY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM—Throw some extra vitamin C, either the powder you put in your water or pill form, in your carry-on. Take a dose every few hours or so to avoid de-boarding with nasty bug. Plus, Vitamin C is great for your skin by boosting collagen production.

PREVENT AGING—Apply sunscreen when you board (apply to face, neck, ears, hands and any other skin that’s exposed) and every 2 to 3 hours of flight. Of course—this rule only applies to flying during daylight hours!