Skinfluence Esthetic Dermatology Center Opens in New York City

A promising new fountain of youth has popped up in Manhattan to help New Yorkers defy aging. Marina Peredo, M.D., a leading cosmetic dermatologist and associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai Medical Center, has expanded her Long Island practice to the prestigious Upper East Side with the opening of Skinfluence. Inspired by Peredo’s passion for the arts, fashion, and all things beauty, Skinfluence blends the science of cosmetic dermatology with esthetic artistry. “As cosmetic dermatologists, our job is not only to inject toxins and fillers but to also use these tools much as a sculptor does when creating art,” she says.

Skinfluence offers a wide range of esthetic procedures and an integrated, customized approach to address each client’s cosmetic needs and beauty concerns from head to toe. “I take pride in my artistic skills,” says Peredo. I look at somebody and figure out how can I give them the best result with treatments and look like they  had anything done. Specialty offerings include BeautiPHIcation ($300, 30 minutes), an innovative facial mapping technique using precise caliper measurements and Leonardo Da Vinci’s mathematical principle of divine proportion; a full range of injectables; innovative body contouring with devices such as Futura Fit and Ultrashape; medical-grade rejuvenating facials; and more. Peredo is also one of the few trainers for Kybella in the area and looks forward to offering this innovative treatment for excess fat in the chin. The treatments may be clinical, but the setting is inviting and relaxing. Feminine, elegant design elements throughout put clients at ease as they regain their youth in style.