Study Reveals that Patients Increasingly Choose to Combine Plastic Surgeries

Mommy makeovers, which are a combination of abdominal and breast surgeries, are the most common combined surgeries. Photo credit: gorodenkoff/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Data from Nordesthetics clinic (Kaunas, Lithuania) reveals an increase in patient interest in combined surgery (several surgical procedures at the same time). In fact, 73 percent more patients requested some combination of surgeries this year when compared to the year before. What's more, the lower cost and shorter recovery period associated with combined procedures appeal to men as much as it does to women.

The most usual combined surgeries are mommy makeovers, which are a combination of abdominal and breast surgeries to restore the pre-pregnancy shape of the body, and body lift. Breast and facial surgeries are also often used in combinations to reach the final shape in a single operation. “The main advantage of combined surgery is a shorter recovery period," says Mantas Sakalauskas, a surgeon at the Nordesthetics clinic. "Instead of having to go through several post-operational treatment periods after several procedures, patients recover from all surgeries at the same time. Lower expenses is a secondary benefit, in my opinion. However, for our patients, it is important as most of them come from abroad. They save not only on financial expenses but on travel time, as well."


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