Study Shows Men are Outspending Women at Med Spas

Men are outspending women by 13 percent in med spas, according to Bryan Durocher, founder of Essentials Spa Consulting and Durocher Enterprises. Men are seeking body-contouring treatments to lessen breast fat or “moobs” and to reduce their flanks, as well as requesting testosterone treatments, laser procedures, and injectables. 

A recent survey by American Med Spa Association (AmSpa) revealed that millennials account for 20 percent of medical spa clients, and as millennials enter their prime income-earning years the numbers will increase. “Men are going to go from ten percent of the marketplace to 30 percent in the next decade due to male millennials,” says Durocher. “This would never happened in the boomer or x’er generations. Millennials between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four are more aware and involved in medical spa treatments."

Plastic surgeon Norman M. Rowe, M.D., found himself attending to many male clientele after hours and on weekends, which led to the opening of The Club House (New York City). The Club House invites men in to have anti-aging treatments and minimal invasive procedures, such as Botox or “brotox,” fillers, laser hair removal, PRP hair rejuvenations, and even penis augmentation, which is very popular among all ages of men. Rowe created The Club House as a safe haven for men who are self conscious discussing the interest of procedures with the opposite sex, this safe space is staffed by all male nurses and receptionists.

Male-oriented slang terms like “brotox” have become more popular in the medical spa industry and some facilities have gone as far as to create male-oriented areas in hopes of making men feel more comfortable at the spa. “There is far less stigma attached to male aesthetic treatments than even five years ago,” says Alex Thiersch, founder and director of AmSpa. “The main goal of these procedures is typically not to drastically change the face, but rather correct and/or enhance what already exists.”

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