Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

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Winter months can cause skin issues, as the air is colder and more dry due to lower humidity, resulting in the skin surface being parched. Dry skin loses much of its pliability, so small cracks in the epidermal barrier occur more easily. According to biochemist and plastic surgeon, James Beckman, M.D., the skin’s epidermal surface must be able to prevent excessive evaporation while still letting sweat occur from the openings of sweat glands. The protective barrier must also be flexible and stretchable.

Beckman is here with his top tips for taking care of skin this winter:

  1. Apply moisturizers after showering, but before drying, to allow an even spreading on the skin’s surface while encouraging optimum penetration into damp skin.
  2. Always apply moisturizers at least 20 minutes before going outdoors to allow maximum penetration into the skin.
  3. Steer clear of moisturizers that contain mineral or vegetable oils. These only coat the skin surface and easily disappear as soon as the skin is washed. Lanolin easily penetrates deep into the skin to give lasting pliability, softness, and protection.
  4. Have a good supply of masks and wear a clean one every day. Cleanse facial skin morning and evening, allow skin to dry for 5 to 10 minutes and then apply a small “dab” of facial moisturizer, like Theraderm Enriched Facial Moisturizer to any areas where the mask touches the face.


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