Top Trends for 2015

As the end of 2014 draws nearer, industry professionals survey the innovations and techniques that rose to popularity in this year and are eager to provide their predictions for the next. Here are the top 10 plastic surgery trends for 2015 according to board-certified plastic surgeon Norman Rowe, M.D., from Rowe Plastic Surgery (New York City).

  1. The use of minimally invasive (Botox, fillers, photo-rejuvenation) and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments will continue to increase next year. In 2013 there was a 10 percent increase over the previous year according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)
  2. Minimally invasive techniques and procedures will continue to grow in popularity, as traditional surgical procedures will also rise as some patients will seek long-term and permanent cosmetic results.
  3. More men will seek cosmetic surgery to look good and stay competitive in the job market. Men are seeking surgery as a key tool to help them succeed. (According to ASAPS, men had more than one million cosmetic procedures in 2013, 9 percent of the total.)
  4. The age group of those seeking cosmetic procedures will continue to expand to both younger and more senior patients. Younger patients realize the important role of early anti-aging intervention and older patients are staying in the workforce longer and want to look more youthful.
  5. The use of autologous fat grafting will continue to expand (currently used for both reconstructive and cosmetic purposes).
  6. Topically applied Botox will begin clinical trials in the U.S. in late 2015, early 2016. (The new needle-free gel formulation of botulinum toxin called RT001.)
  7. Plastic surgery destinations and vacations (to South America and the Caribbean) will continue it increase, despite it being a risky endeavor in underdeveloped countries.
  8. New and more powerful lasers with less downtime will impact treatment protocols.
  9. Often thought of as nontraditional plastic surgery, buttock augmentations and labiaplasties will continue to gain popularity, as more women will seek cosmetic surgery to enhance, correct, and modify their bodies.
  10. In the U.S., ethnic minorities will continue to show a strong increase in interest in cosmetic procedures. According to ASAPS, in 2013, racial and ethnic minorities had approximately 22 percent of all cosmetic procedures.