Vampire Facial Transmits HIV Virus

Vampire Facial/ RobertoDavid/iStock /Getty Images Plus (Vampire Facial RobertoDavid/iStock /Getty Images Plus)

Last year, the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) closed and inspected VIP Spa (Albuquerque, NM) after clients were suspected of contracting a blood-borne infection from a Vampire Facial. The trendy facial was made popular, in part, due to celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Now, NMDOH has confirmed that there are two cases of HIV linked to VIP Spa and the Vampire Facial. “While over 100 VIP Spa clients have already been tested, NMDOH is reaching out to ensure that testing and counseling services are available for individuals who received injection-related services at  VIP Spa,” says Kathy Kunkel, NMDOH cabinet secretary. “Testing is important for everyone as there are effective treatments for HIV and many hepatitis infections.” Medical experts familiar with the facial, which involves using the client’s blood to make plasma are now calling for clients to take precautions when getting the treatment.

“Vampire Facials are not FDA-approved because the injection of platelets into the skin for the purpose of improving the skin’s appearance or healing tissue has not been clinically proven to be effective,” says Paul Stanislaw M.D., board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and founder of Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center ( Avon, CT). “I urge anyone who is considering invasive procedures to seek treatment only from a medical professional who follows proper sterilization procedures and can provide the best solution to achieve your desired results.”