Why Millennials Choose Botox

According to a recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Botox procedures have increased by 18 percent from 2014 to 2015, and nearly 6,500 percent since 1997, making it the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure on the market. Many of the new clients contributing to this boom are millennials. The same study also found that 64 percent of facial plastic surgeons reported an increase in patients under 30 coming in for Botox treatments in throughout 2015. We interviewed Norman Rowe, M.D., about why Botox is becoming popular among the younger demographic.


1. Is Botox considered a preventative procedure for millennials? If so, how?

Botox has two effects: First, it is therapeutic in treating wrinkles a patient may already have. Second, it is prophylactic in that if used consistently, it prevents patients from getting wrinkles. This is more of what millennials are using it to obtain. Obviously, it won't prevent wrinkles indefinitely, however, it prevents wrinkles better that using nothing at all.


2. Does Botox include a lot of commitment after your first treatment or is it considered a low-commitment procedure? Why?

It requires a treatment very six months. That seems like a low commitment in order to prevent wrinkles.


3. Are millennials also getting Botox to help them sweat less?

Yes, Botox decreases, if not eliminates, perspiration of the armpit, palms as well as the soles of the feet (which cause odors). Millennials are also using to decrease sweating of the scalp (blow-toe) to allow less frequent trips to the hairdresser for blowouts.


4. Do Botox injections limit your facial expressions?

Botox works by diminishing the action of muscles of the face that in turn cause wrinkles. So therefore in order to be effective, there is a certain decrease in facial movement.


5. Why are more millennials choosing Botox?

All patients choose Botox because of its ease of use and predictable results.

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