Melania Trump launches Skincare Collection

Melania Trump announced the launch of her debut skincare line, Caviar Complexe C6. Designed to repair, hydrate and renew the skin, the collection consists of five products: Fluid Day Serum, Luxe Moisturizer; Luxe Night; Cleansing Balm; and Exfoliating Peel; and contain active ingredients such as the patented Caviar Complexe 6 and Lipid Matrix Receptor Technology. “I have always believed in taking care of yourself both inside and out,” said creator Melania Trump. “And my skin care collection, which truly improves and enhances one’s appearance, does just that. I am proud to bring my passion for healthy and beautiful skin to the world.”

After more a decade of research, Trump and her team of chemists singled out three distinct causes of aging: loss of nutrients, lack of skin cell receptivity to treatments, and extrinsic stress. The collection addresses all of these issues, boosting collagen production, fighting free radical damage, and triggering beneficial hormones to repair skin damage. The products range from $50 - $150 and are available at Lord & Tailor stores nationwide.