Microsalt by KLAFS Acquires Micronizer International

KLAFS, a sauna and spa supplier, has acquired property rights in the Dutch technology company, Microsalt International B.V., which markets and sells salt room climates and recently developed the Micronizer, a technology for dry salt inhalation that will now be marketed by KLAFS. “I am convinced that as a result, the innovative Micronizer technology is only the beginning of a very successful development phase and that in the future, more people will be given the opportunity to enjoy our respiratory tract solutions,” says Bart Zonnenberg, former owner of Microsalt, who says that he will continue to support KLAFS while also ensuring continuity for Microsalt’s existing customers. With frequent use, the Micronizer dry-salt application can provide positive therapeutic effects, revitalize the skin, and support the immune system. The Micronizer is fully automated and regulates the salt-mist concentration in a controlled environment. Says KLAFS’ CEO Stefan Schöllhammer, “For us, acquiring Microsalt’s innovative know-how represents an interesting expansion of our product range with which we will further reinforce our leading position in the wellness and spa markets.”