By Einar Olsen, Natural Health Technologies

We are all aware of the accelerating, wide-scale interest in spiritualityin the natural health and spa industry. Many professionals, especially spa leaders, may be looking for reliable, thoroughly researched, and authentic traditions of spirituality that 'know how to do this.' I recently read an article about the somewhat superficial, non-researched way that some spas and clinics are entering into this area.

Many trends are now converging: Beauty, Spa, Fitness, Massage, Medical, Shopping, Dining, Green, Organic, Peace, and Spiritual. The famous Raj Health Resort here and the 3000 Peace Palaces we are building all over the world (100 initially in the U.S.), financed by organic agriculture,
integrate these trends.

Knowledge is the basis of action, and comprehensive, systematic knowledge is the best basis for effective treatments and successful, enjoyable individual
and social life.

Folowing are some facts about the 'natural health center' of the United States, the sister communities of Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa (

* The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has given $18 million so far to investigate modalities of Maharishi Vedic Medicine. Dr. Robert Schneider of the College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine (fully accredited by North Central
Associations of Schools and Colleges through the doctoral level) has spoken before several Congressional sub-committees and the British Parliament, and is contracted with some of the leading medical schools in the country to
further examine these modalities (641-472-4600,

Almost 700 studies have been published on the effectiveness of these techniques, in over 200 institutions in thirty countries, hundreds in the most respected independent U.S. peer-reviewed journals.

* The Raj Hotel and Resort Spa, the largest Ayurvedic facility in North America, just received 'Best Health Treatment' Award from SpaFinder Magazine, was voted one of Elle Magazine's top 20 spas in the U.S., was selected by Town & Country as one of the country's five best spas, and has received several other leading awards. The Raj has added an attractive greenhouse to supply its clients with fresh organic vegetables,
and almost every major natural trend now evident in the spa industry was incorporated into The Raj when it was built fifteen years ago by its owners
Rogers and Candace Badgett.

* Health & Wholeness is a charming up-scale Maharishi Ayurveda store that
integrates wholly natural facial and skin care lines with natural herbal supplements and gifts. Many other natural living stores are prospering here, and there is an organic restaurant for every 714 people in a city of 10,000.
Maharishi University of Management's Annapurna Dining Hall, serving over 1200 fresh meals every day, is the largest organic vegetarian dining facility in North America.

* 2,500 out of 10,000 residents are involved in varying degrees in Ayurveda, up-scale natural green living, 'Vastu architecture' (ancient spiritual design), Transcendental Meditation, yoga postures, and organic farming on a city-wide scale (the mayor of Fairfield and two city councilmen are TM teachers), and Maharishi Vedic City legally incorporated with the state of Iowa in May of 2001. Terry Brandstadt, the previous Governor of Iowa called Fairfield 'the entrepreneurial capital of Iowa' for its over 600 successful start-ups and substantial prosperity.

* Fifty scientific studies (23 in leading peer-reviewed journals) have shown beyond any scientific doubt that the group practice of an advanced form of TM (Yogic Flying) by sufficiently large numbers of people (the square root
of 1% of any population, including the world), dramatically reduces and can even eliminate negative trends, including terrorism and war (

These findings are based on the knowledge and experience of the Unified Field of all the laws of Nature known both to modern physics and most of the ancient spiritual traditions of the world. According to Dr. John Hagelin, 2000 U.S. presidential candidate for the Natural Law Party, chairman
of the physics department at Maharishi University of Management, and one of the world's leading theoretical physicists, modern physics and traditional spiritual understanding are converging at their core, the field of Being that pervades, nourishes, and gives rise to everything in the universe (

1600 experts practicing Yogic Flying together are enough for the U.S. and 8,000 are enough for the world, to create heaven on earth. We have gathered this number temporarily in the past, and scientists found proof that it works, again and again, and are now structuring the economic base to sustain these groups permanently.

It is likely that The Raj and our community are in the forefront of manifesting one very good example of how all these above trends are integrating, and how a new practical reality of peaceful and affluent life can take shape. Several world-renowned experts in city planning and
community development have visited us and told us there is nothing like this in the world: integrated holistic planning on a city-wide scale, including off-the-grid utilities and a workable, proven plan for world