Naturopathica Holistic Health Spa Commits to Being Green

The Naturopathica Healing Arts Center and Spa (East Hampton, NY) is committed to sustainable, green business practices. The company also works with partners that share their commitment to environmentally-conscious practices, sustainable sourcing, and charitable giving to local environmental organizations. Naturopathica Holistic Health is a founding member of the Green Spa Network, a non-profit organization committed to fostering and supporting green business practices in the spa industry. To this end, the East Hampton Spa uses bamboo flooring, reclaimed wooden furniture, recycled glass counters, low VOC paint, LED lighting, post-consumer recycled office supplies, and natural cleaning solutions. All spa treatments feature the Naturopathica product line, made with ECOCERT-certified natural and organic ingredients. Products are produced domestically and packaged with post-consumer recycled material. The Well-Being Boutique at the Naturopathica Spa offers a variety of local and domestically sourced items from natural, organic, vegan, and sustainable vendors. In addition, throughout the year, the Naturopathica Healing Arts Center and Spa gives back to the local community with monthly events to raise awareness and donations to local women’s, food, and environmental charities. “Our carefully curated wellness boutique brings together luxury and sustainability all under one roof,” says Barbara Close, founder and CEO of Naturopathica. “Discover our signature collection of natural and organic skincare products, eco-stylish clothing, accessories, and gifts for your home.”