Spa TechnologiesOxygenated Recovery Complex by Spa Technologies is one of our favorite new products. At $180 a pop—this product is flying off the shelves at top spas such as the Spa at Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. The results-oriented serum is 100% active and free of additives and preservatives. The scent-free formula gently exfoliates, stimulates collagen, and regenerates cells.

Oxygenated Recovery Complex contains three layers of oil, water, and oxygen. On the bottom layer is Liquid Oxygen, in the middle are water-soluble algae, plankton, and white tea, and on the top pure Vitamin C esters which acts like essential fatty acids. By shaking the product before use, the product is activated. The product is quickly absorbed to produce a matte finish.

The patent-pending formula is currently undergoing clinical trials at Hackensack Medical Center. "This product oxygenates the skin on contact, says Dan Fryda, founder and president of Spa Technologies. "Oxygen acts as a vehicle to drives the benefits of the active ingredients into the skin—faster and deeper. This product does not cause the inflammation common with many collagen building and aggressive exfoliators."

Fryda, known as the "King of Seaweed" with spa people in the know, came up with the oxygen formula when thinking about the use of oxygen in a hospital setting. "Surgeons use a stabilized form of oxygen to oxygenate organ tissues during surgery when blood flow is interrupted. It occurred to me that when this oxygen is ideal for transdermal applications. Applying the gaseous material directly to the skin has the benefit of delivering oxygen immediately to the entire dermis.'

Spa Technologies' products are featured at some of America's top resort and destination spas, including Montage Resort & Spa, Spa Shiki at Four Seasons Resort, Lake Austin Spa Resort, and several Hyatt Spas. For more information, visit