New SpaTrade Webinar & Special Report: <b><i>Analysis of the Medical Spa Industry</b></i>

Feedback Research

SpaTrade's new webinar from Analysis of the Medical Spa Industry offers a candid look at the current state of the industry-based on in-depth interviews with actual U.S. Medical Spas. Medical spa owners, managers, and suppliers will take away insights on market growth, revenues, services, legislation, and retail issues-'from the horse's mouth.'

Key Webinar Findings:

"Medical Spa" is not well-defined for consumers. They are often confused about 'what puts the 'spa' in medical spa'.

US Medical Spas are focusing on aesthetics rather than spa services. The spa industry talks a good line about wellness and prevention in medical spas, however these types of spas are rare in the US.

Medical Spas are concerned about how to attract and retain clients. When asked, "What is your biggest challenge,' one quarter of medical spa operators responded: "Getting new clients / retention / dealing with competition", and one quarter responded: "Educating the public / spreading awareness about services & value."

Feedback is also offering a Special Report to complement the webinar.

Analysis of the Medical Spa Industry

Chapter 1: Trends and Driving Forces in the Medical Spa Industry

Chapter 2: Cosmetic & Spa Industry Perspectives

Chapter 3: 2006 Survey Data

Chapter 4: Medical Spa Characteristics (Published Information / FRS Database / Etc.)

Chapter 5: Location, Location, Location — Medical Spas by State/Legislation

Chapter 6: Retail Sales (Revenues & Growth Rates)

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