<i>New York Times</i> Examines Spa Quality Standards

MassageThe New York Times article by Susan Stellin: Beyond the Body Wrap: What Makes a Spa Stand Out? examines the hit and miss nature of many spa experiences:

'As more people embrace spas, the industry remains lightly regulated and sparsely researched. Some spa-goers say that the experience can be hit or miss, regardless of the price... Although people who work in the spa business are enthusiastic about the benefits of the treatments offered, the industry recognizes that as it expands and moves toward promoting health and wellness as opposed to just pampering more rigorous quality control may be in order.'

Industry research from around the globe indicates that the spa industry could benefit from higher standards. A recent poll of Spa Magazine website visitor asked the question: Have you been dissatisfied with any experience at a spa in the past 12 months? 46% said yes--the top cause of dissatisfaction was poor therapist technique when performing massage and facials with unclean spa facilities and Lack of sanitation coming in a close second. This closely matches the research on research by Asian-based Intelligent Spas, which revealed Unprofessional Therapists and Poor Service as the top causes of dissatisfaction.