10 Fun Beauty-Inspired Social Media Trends

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Led, in part, by indie brands, here are some spa- and beauty-focused trends that are blowing up social media.

1. Unicorn hair- Images of multi-colored hair in pastels like blue, pink, purple, and yellow are flooding the beauty pages on Instagram.

2. Gold cheeks- Tapping into the season’s golden glow, Instagrammers are wearing gold highlighter and yellow shadow on their cheeks.

3. Floral eye art- Beauty insiders are trading in their flower crowns for floral designs around the eyes using dried flowers and fresh blooms.

4. Scented tattoos- That’s right, trendsetters are sporting their signature scents in the form of temporary tattoos.

5. Bejeweled lips- Adding sparkle to the lips adds a twist to traditional lipstick application.

6. Mismatched manicures- Manicures with multiple colors and designs are flourishing on social media.

7. Glitter eyebrows- Defined and shaped eyebrows are highlighted with a range of glitter colors on Instagram.

8. Bath bombs- Social media is filled with users filming and photographing fizzing bath bombs in the tub.

9. Face masks- Discover sheet masks, peeling masks, bubbling masks, and more trending on social media.

10. Ombre lips- Born out of the ombre hair trend, now beauty insiders are shading their lips.

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