100 Black-Owned Indie Beauty Businesses To Buy From Right Now

Editors Note:  Our friends at Beauty Independent have curated a list of Black owned beauty and wellness businesses to support during these times. There is also a section for beauty businesses supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, as well.

We thank Beauty Independent for allowing us to share this important information in a time when it needs to be spread most.

American Spa stands with the Black community today and everyday.


After several days of nationwide protests against police brutality, Beauty Independent  didn’t want to start this week off with business as usual. A small immediate step we’re taking is to bring you this list of over 100 black-owned independent beauty brands and retailers to support right now. Going forward, we will step up our efforts within our community. We’re committed to doing a better job of bringing to light the inequality and racism in our industry. Thank you to Cosmopolitan beauty director Julee Wilson, aesthetician Ashley White and beauty industry watchdog Estée Laundry for helping to provide the names of several of the brands below through their social media platforms. And thank you to the black beauty brand founders who’ve shared their inspiring entrepreneurial stories with us so far. We can’t wait to learn about more of them.

Bath and Body


Color Cosmetics and Nails

Candles and Fragrance

Dental Care







Many indie beauty brands have taken to social media to express solidarity with the protestors demanding justice for George Floyd and an end to police brutality. Now, a growing number of them are putting money where their posts are by giving to organizations working for law enforcement reform, and supporting black and brown communities. Below is a roundup of indie beauty brands and e-tailers making charitable donations to further political, legal, educational, social and economic equality.