The 12 Days Of PCA Day Six: For Your Spa

The 12 Days Of PCA Day 6: For Your Spa // Graphic by Kara Magliaro for American Spa(The 12 Days Of PCA Day Six: For Your Spa// Graphic by Kara Magliaro for American Spa)

Welcome to American Spa's third year of the 12 Days of PCA announcements! In 2017, we decided to announce the winners of our annual Professional's Choice Awards a little differently. Instead of giving you all 50 winners (plus the finalists) at once, we broke them up into fun groups to give you a few of the winners each day through out the month of November. This year, we'll be following suit as we unveil the winners of our 15th annual Professional's Choice Awards, now through November 24.

On our sixth day, we've got the For Your Spa group, which includes the winners of your favorite spa software, favorite distributor, favorite private label manufacturer, favorite spa uniform manufacturer, and favorite spa robe manufacturer. Find out who were our winners and finalists below:

Favorite Spa Software: Book4Time



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  • Vagaro
  • Millennium Systems International
  • SpaSoft
  • MindBody


Favorite Distributor: Universal Companies


  • ReadyCare
  • The Spa Mart
  • Telli Industries
  • MedSpa Distributors


Favorite Private Label Manufacturer: ReadyCare Industries


  • Vitelle
  • YG Laboratories
  • CBI Laboratories
  • Spa de Soleil


Favorite Spa Uniform Manufacturer: Noel Asmar Uniforms


  • Yeah Baby
  • Urbane Scrubs
  • Jaanuu
  • Fashionizer


Favorite Spa Robe Manufacturer: The Mansfield Robe Company


  • Monarch Cypress
  • Boca Terry
  • Comphy Co
  • Sposh


Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists! And thank you, our professionals, without whom this wouldn't be possible. Be sure to check back tomorrow, Tuesday, 11/19, for the winners and finalists of the For Hair & Sun group.


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