12 Fall-Inspired Spa Treatments that are Better than Thanksgiving

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While early snow and holiday lights might signal that winter is coming, the truth is that it is fall until Friday, December 21. Though many associate pumpkins and other warm scents with October and Halloween, let's not forget that later this week pumpkin and other fall treats will be gracing holiday tables across America for Thanksgiving. 

If you're looking to book some last minute clients this week, or clear out some of your fall skincare stock to make room for winter fun, here are a few fall-themed treatments that are worth trying out.

Serenity Spa at Sheraton Bay Point Resort (Panama City Beach, FL) recently debuted its Pumpkin Orange Facial ($149), an eight-step treatment that uses Ilike Organic Skincare products to gently exfoliate summer sun damage for a rejuvenated fall look. The facial utilizes antioxidants like vitamins A and C to smooth and soften signs of aging, as well as brighten and sooth damaged skin using hydroxy acids to increase cell turnover. 

The Spa at Paradise Point at Paradise Point Resort and Spa (San Diego, CA) offered three seasonal treatments this fall: the Epicuren Apple-Spice Facial (50 minutes, $165), a Caramel Apple Manicure and Pedicure (120 minutes, $125 or 50-minute pedicure for $55), and the Warming Ginger Chakra Massage (80 minutes, $275). The Epicuren Apple-Spice Facial features pumpkin and apple enzymes to regenerate the skin and increase cell turnover, as well as encourage new collagen growth for smooth and plump skin.

The Caramel Apple Manicure and Pedicure begins with a fizzy apple cider foot soak and a whipped honey sea salt polish to melt away rough skin. Honey Heel Moisturizing Serum and Caramel Body Milk are applied to hydrate and smooth both hands and feet.

The Warming Ginger Chakra massage is lead by a therapist who uses chakra crystals in combination with warming ginger oil to balance, charge, and clear sacred chakra energy centers in the body. Tibetan Singing bowls in combination with the crystals to create a healing experience that will leave the guest truly free flowing and revitalized. At the end of the treatment, guests are invited to intuitively select a chakra crystal of their choice to take home as a reminder that wellness should always be a top priority.


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Well & Being Spas (multiple locations) brought fall-inspired treatments across the globe this season. One popular treatment is the Cranberry Sangria Wrap (50 minutes, $155-$165) at Well & Being at the Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas at Las Colinas (TX), where guests are treated to a fruity and sultry compress blended with nourishing vitamin E and coconut oil, a sea salt refining scrub that features notes of clove and nutmeg, and a blackcurrant extract botanical body oil featuring vitamins A and E to hydrate the skin.

At The Spa at Red Rock by Well & Being (Las Vegas), clients of all skin types could enjoy The Pumpkin Spice Facial (50 minutes, $170-$175). The latte-inspired facial creates noticeably-softer skin by digesting dead skin cells and decongesting pores to reveal a fresh glow just in time for cooler weather.

The Spa at Coronado Island at Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa (CA) paired pumpkin with yam for its seasonal Pumpkin and Yam Peel Facial (50 minutes, $135; 80 minutes, $189). The facial uses natural fruit enzymes found in pumpkin and yam to leave the skin feeling pure and radiant. The puree of the fruits removes dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, and sun damage.

The Spa at One Ocean Resort & Spa (Atlantic Beach, FL) is offering two fall-inspired treatments this season—the Blackcurrant Cosmopolitan Mani/Pedi Splendor (90 minutes, $130) and the Pumpkin Marshmallow Soufflé Fall Body Bliss (80 minutes, $190). The Blackcurrant manicure and pedicure treats tired hands and feet to a soak infused with passionfruit and wine to soften the skin. A ripe, organic vodka body polish smoothes skin with a medley of sugar, vitamin-rich raspberry and Square One organic vodka, followed by a coating of bubbly, active-foaming body wash of aloe, vitamin E and calming extracts. The treatment ends with a Quinsyberry Botanical Oil massage and a polish application of choice.

The Pumpkin Marshmallow Soufflé Fall Body Bliss uses a combination of sweet cinnamon, fine grain sea salt, and rice bran oil to exfoliate the skin. After the skin is smoothed, an organic pumpkin puree and clay mask is applied to the body to detox and refine. A rub of Marshmallow Melt Shea Butter Cream is applied to wrap up the treatment.

In Nashville, three autumnal treatments stole the show at Rhapsody Spa at The Westin Nashville (TN). Covering all parts of the body, the spa offered the Fall Vineyard Massage (80 minutes, $179), the Autumn Radiant Facial (50 minutes, $169), and the Honey-Butter Run & Relax Pedicure (55 minutes, $69). The Fall Vineyard Massage utilizes a muscadine grape scrub to exfoliate and dead summer skin, which is followed by a Swedish massage using peptide-infused mousse to lock in hydration and smooth the skin.

The Autumn Radiance Facial featured Eminence Organic Skin Care products, including a yam and pumpkin enzyme peel and a cranberry mask to hydrate and plump the skin, stimulate collagen production, and refine and even skin tone.

The Honey-Butter Run & Relax Pedicure begins with a warm, nectar milk and chicory root bath soak to soften the feet's skin. Legs are massaged and exfoliated using premium aged butter rum, brown sugar, and rice bran oil, before a warm honey glaze is applied to the legs and feet. To conclude, dollops of natural ginger sorbet body milk are lightly massaged onto the skin to finish the four-layered treatment.


No matter what the weather, these treatment are sure to leave clients longing for the Thanksgiving table.



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