5 Educational Opportunities at IECSC New York You Won't Want to Miss

The International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference (IECSC), taking place March 8-10, 2020 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, not only offers opportunities to meet face-to-face with hundreds of the industry’s most prominent brands and suppliers, but also invaluable educational opportunities for industry professionals. There are a multitude of learning tracks and advanced workshops from a few of the most talented artists in the industry that will help you to boost business and succeed long-term. Tracks – which each include four classes – are a series of in-depth workshops that focus on a variety of topics, including Business Building, Esthetics, Medical Spa, Social Media & Marketing, and Wellness. Take a look below for information on four of the most anticipated tracks and seminars:

  1. Wellness Track (Sunday, March 8, 9:45 AM – 3:15 PM)

This track will cover topics such as ways to keep you and your team mentally and physically healthy, how to identify and treat skin with a nutritional and biochemical understanding of the body, and how to enhance your career by becoming a wellpreneur. The track also includes a panel discussion on the convergence of healthcare and wellness, which features Allan Share, the president of the Spa Industry Association, Monte Zwang, and Dr. Dan Pavick, D.C.

  1. Take a Dive into CBD Wellness (Monday, March 9, 10 AM – 4 PM)

This Advanced Business Seminar with Chris Elawar, president and cofounder of CBD Care Garden, and Vanessa Marquez, CBD Care Garden’s CEO and cofounder, will arm attendees with the knowledge they need to successfully navigate the emerging CBD wellness industry. It will cover important topics such as the differences between industrial hemp and cannabis, how phytocannabinoids work with the skin and body, and how to properly vet a CBD product line.

  1. Medical and Spa Strategic Planning – Growing Your Business with Staff Development, Compensation and Sound Financial Systems (Sunday, March 8, 10 AM – 4 PM)

Featuring Bryan Durocher, president of Essentials Spa Consulting LLC, this Advanced Business Seminar is meant to teach the the skills and information needed to gain control of your finances. You’ll learn what services are currently the most popular, which services make or cost you money, and how to effectively break down your revenue and your expenses from advertising to payroll, among other skills that will help optimize your business and improve bottom line.

  1. Medical Spa Track (Sunday, March 8, 9:45 AM – 3:15 PM)

This track kicks off with a seminar that will focus on how to most effectively manage, succeed, and grow your medical spa business, followed by a session that will address the growing market for intimate health and beauty services and how to develop a full suite of these types of services for your customers. Another session of the track will break down the complex legal, regulatory, and compliance issues that most commonly effect medical spas, such as ownership requirements and insurance coverage. The last topic covered will discuss how to use knowledge about a client’s DNA to create a truly custom skin protocol.

  1. Business Building Track (Monday, March 8, 9:45 AM – 3:15 PM)

The Business Building Track addresses essential subjects including how increasing the quality of customer service also increases profits, how to source law-compliant and efficacious CBD products for your business, and how to effectively develop a plan that will re-invent and move your business forward. The track closes with “The 10 Step Program for Retail Rejuvenation,” which outlines the simple, low-cost steps that, when taken, will help completely revitalize your retail operations and increase your spa’s overall profits.


For more info on IECSC NY educational opportunities, or to get tickets, visit www.iecscnewyork.com.



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