American Spa Launches Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Beauty Box

American Spa has announced a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness Beauty Box. // Photo credit: ThitareeSarmkasat/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Back in 2017, American Spa announced the launch of the Fresh Finds Beauty Box subscription service. A first of its kind in the spa industry, the curated product delivery service has proven to be a smashing success, offering subscribers bimonthly boxes featuring up to six full- and travel-size products, with the occasional bonus product surprising subscribers as well. To celebrate the success of the Fresh Finds Beauty Box, American Spa is launching three limited edition boxes for the rest of 2018, the first of which is the Breast Cancer Awareness Special Edition Beauty Box.

Shipping in August 2018, the Breast Cancer Awareness box will arrive in-house just in time for spa professionals to review and bulk order any favorite products before the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The plus-sized box will include six full-sized products that were created specifically with Breast Cancer Awareness donations in mind. Box subscribers will get a first-look at products that are certain to entice clients this October during Breast Cancer Awareness month and receive discount codes for bulk orders.

Valued at over $200, the box is available for just $39.99 plus applicable taxes. As an added bonus, those who subscribe to all three limited edition 2018 boxes will receive all three boxes for just $100—a $19.97 discount. There will only 500 boxes will be produced for the limited-edition shipment, so click here to place your order today.


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