Andrea Leonard Receives PFP’s Trainer of the Year Award

PFP gave its 2019 Trainer of the Year Award to Andrea Leonard, founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI). Leonard received the award on Oct. 25 at the Club Industry Show in Chicago.

The CETI teaches trainers how to work with cancer survivors during their recovery process.

Leonard started her business in 1995 after her mother was diagnosed for the second time with cancer and didn’t want to experience the same side effects she experienced during her first mastectomy. Those side effects included frozen shoulder, chronic pain and narcotic addiction. Because Leonard couldn’t find much information on how to exercise during cancer recovery, she decided to write her own guidelines related to recovery after breast cancer, mastectomies and reconstruction procedures. Later, she created a course to help trainers become cancer exercise specialists.

Leonard, who is a cancer survivor herself and has multiple other family members who have been diagnosed with cancer, was one of 12 finalists for the award. Each month, PFP chooses a Trainer of the Month, and the recipients of those monthly awards were the 12 finalists for Trainer of the Year. Leonard was the Trainer of the Month in May 218.

She will receive a prize package worth $8,500.