Augmented Massage: The Spa Industry's Next Trend?

Is augmented massage a new trend in the spa industry? // Photo by boggy22/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Gharieni has launched a collaboration with Jean-Marie Adrien of Motion Waves to tap into a new corner of the spa industry – augmented massage. The augmented massage will use a motion-to-sound medium that will create an unfiltered expression of human energy, using built-in sensors to analyze the position and speed of a massage therapist’s movement in real time to transform it into sounds of deep relaxation.

After concluding his career as a conductor and dancer where he explored the relation of movement to sound, Adrien launched Motion Waves, a company devoted to making augmented spaces within the luxury retail industry. Using hidden sensors within physical space to create interactive and immersive sound environments, Motion Waves creates experiential experiences. After beginning to develop his idea within the luxury retail industry, Adrien wanted to tap into the spa treatment room to create an immersive and interactive sound therapy experience for both practitioners and clients. It was then the partnership with Gharieni was born, creating cutting edge technology by fully integrating the Motion Wave technology into Gharieni’s award winning MO1 treatment bed.

The technology will use the therapist’s natural touch to create a new, mutual experience for both therapists and clients. High tech and high-touch technology is designed to help trigger the client’s senses within a treatment. The new partnership between Gharieni and Motion Waves will lead to bespoke treatments, designed to benefit the ever-rising expectations clients have for extraordinary spa treatments.


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Gharieni Group, headquarted in Germany, has been designing and manufacturing high end spa furnishings and fixtures, including tables, beds, and professional equipment for over 25 years.


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