Aveda Celebrates Earth Month With Annual Clean Water Campaign


In celebration of Earth Month, Aveda invites you to join hands with people around the world to support its effort for expanding access clean water with one small change at a time. This year, the goal is to raise $6.5 million during the month of May through fundraising activities dedicated to protecting water including salon services, fashion shows featuring recycled materials, and sales of the Light the Way Candle.

Thousands of Aveda artists have donated their time and talent to clean water causes throughout April by offering Appointments for Clean Water and Catwalk for Water events. “The overwhelming success of Catwalks for Water shows reflects the degree to which members of our network are committed to being engaged and to fund-raising for environmental causes,” says Dave Rapaport, vice president of Earth and Community Care at Aveda. “There were over 4,600 Aveda professionals who participated globally in Catwalks for Water shows last year, and we are so proud to have such a large group that shares their commitment to the Aveda Mission as well as their recognition of the global need for clean water.”

Aveda also donates 100 percent of the purchase price of the signature limited edition Light the Way Candle to Global Greengrants Fund, a nonprofit organization that channels high-impact grants to grassroots groups working to solve environmental problems all around the world. This year, children living in the region of Manakara, Madagascar, created the images on the Light the Way Candle carton based on those who have benefited from Earth Month funded water projects. Their drawings illustrate the difference clean water can make to all that we love—kids, animals, and the environment.