Balanced Guru Donates Profits to Charity Connected Warriors

Balanced Guru Connected Warriors Soothing Body OilBalanced Guru, a beauty brand, announced an extension to their Giving Back Program, which features customized limited-edition product collections designed for non-profit organizations to sell and fund their causes. Through their Connected Warriors Beauty Line—Antioxidant Facial Masque, which helps fight free radicals and brighten skin; Hair Styling Oil, which controls fly-aways and provides shine while fighting frizz; and Soothing Body Oil, which helps soften and smooth the skin—100 percent of the profits will go to supporting Connected Warriors, a non-profit organization providing free, trauma-conscious yoga therapy for service members, veterans, and their families in the U.S. Founded on the principles of volunteerism and selfless giving, yoga teachers, business professionals, and military veterans joined together to honor military men, women, and families by making available an effective method of health and well-being. The practice of yoga is used as a powerful tool, helping veterans overcome stresses, injuries, and unwanted effects of military service.

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