Beekeeper Debuts Intelligent Chatbot Feature

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Spas are using Beekeeper, the San Francisco based employee communication app, as a communication tool to interact with employees. Beekeeper has announced the addition of an intelligent chatbot. The chatbot was designed with employee surveys in mind, and is designed to benefit companies with employees who are on-the-go rather than those who are stationary at a desk.

More than 500 surveys were created within the first hour of the bots release in April. The chatbot was created to solve internal communication issues that employee surveys often present. The bot has become a tool to replace written surveys, which are often too time consuming and costly for companies. Now an inherent part of the Beekeeper app, the chatbot has proved successful among Beekeeper users. “We deliberately programmed the chatbot tool to offer robust functionality while maintaining a simple user experience. It was important for us to give administrators a tool that would make surveys easier to deploy while increasing response rates, giving companies better data to analyze,” says Flavio Pfaffhauser, CTO of Beekeeper.

Through the app, administrators have the option to schedule surveys and ask structured questions as well as monitor response rates using a variety of analytical tools. Targeted, automated follow-ups are used to drive responses. The automated response also ups company response rates from both administrators and employees alike, creating a better work environment. Responses can be automated creating anonymity, which often encourages honest answers. Users of the bot interact with the survey in a conversational style, consistent with the Beekeeper platform. The chatbot feature embodies the Beekeeper mission and philosophy: to reach employees in a straightforward and efficient way. The real-time communication and immediate feedback enabled by the chatbot make the Beekeeper app a fundamental part of daily operations for those who use it. Serving as a hub of internal communication, empowering employees, and providing management with data-driven insights, the app benefits non-desk workforces in daily communications across entire organizations.


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