Beginning on the Right Note

Your first day on the job or your first week opening of your beauty business?

It is an exciting, fabulous and a new time filled with expectations and joy.

I went to visit a sweet college town with my husband on a business trip. We stayed at one of our favorite hotels a Hampton Inn in Gainesville, Florida.  We like them because the rooms are modern, cozy, nice and oh so clean.  We also LOVE the fresh baked cookies in the evening we take up to the room and enjoy as a before-going-to-sleep treat. The staff is truly welcoming down-to-earth and professional.  What a great way to end the day and a great place to stay.

Around the corner the next morning, I noticed a sign with sexy glamorous shiny lips and could not resist peeking inside the front window. Lips are my absolute passion. They are the favorite part of the face I like to paint and to treat. A sweet beauty spot was about to open. While they had not officially opened, I did note they were sly as a fox by having a sign made when they were not even open. It created interest and excitement for the neighborhood and me. They engaged me and piqued my interest. So here, we are back in Gainesville again and my hubby said “Why don’t you visit that salon/spa see if they are open yet while I am in meetings.”

There they were OPEN for business and ready for me. It was so nice when the door came flying open with a HAPPY gracious employee welcoming me as I peeked through the window. Perfect, not pushy and she asked if I would like to tour the mini sweet spa.

I did. The place was small, very clean, eclectic décor and the smell of a beautiful candle wrapped its arms around me as well as the staff.

They offered me the MENU of services including a spray tanning ala Dancing with the Stars. Manicures, pedicures, makeup and waxing. The hours were NO APPT. NECESSARY and open until 7:00pm.  They were proud of that. The menu was featured on this beautiful oversized postcard of metallic, black, red and gold. Which read Glamour on the Go. The services were described in such a cute and catchy way.

Examples: DARING diva for the full Brazilian wax. Hue in a Hurry for a polish change. I got a manicure and cannot wait to go back for my just the legs spray tan.

The bottom line here is the beauty business is a two way street. You give and you get. They spend; you build your clientele and make a living.  I love exploring, spaaaaing, shopping, touching and feeling different businesses in my travels across the country.

It is so nice to see employee enthusiasm, attention and customer service is alive and well. Retail and service excitement is too! Big box spas or small spas and salons we all need to keep our first day enthusiasm and charm in the business where the client FEELS welcomed and feels the love too! Like were their second home. Employees and our spirit need to be like visit to this new spa I just experienced. PROUD to be a business owner or working in the business of beauty and wellness. We're so much more than a moisturizer and a massage.

Keep your spirit alive and show your employees that you manage each day is what you make it. I never feel like I am working, yes some days I do get exhausted more than others but I still feel like it is my first day on the job. Try to keep the magic going!