Behind the Scenes at Elements Massage's NYC Pop Up

Himalayan salt rocks // photo by grafvision/iStock/Getty Images Plus

American Spa was lucky enough to be invited to Elements Massage's two-day-only pop up event here in NYC where the brand was showcasing it's new Himalayan salt stone massage. The salt stones, developed in partnership with Saltability, are available as an add on to any of Elements' existing treatments and services. We learned how salt stones are a great alternative to the traditional hot stone massage as they are generally safer for your spa, more relaxing for the client, and offer more benefits than a traditional basalt stone. The Elements stones are 100 percent pure, pink Himalayan salt that offer 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements known to revitalize the body.

In our Facebook Live, American Spa's managing editor Natalie Maneval is treated to a massage while digital editor Sam is behind the camera manning the operation. Watch below to see our interview with Eric Stephenson, licensed massage therapist, as he tell us all about the Himalayan salt trend, Himalayan salt massages, the Elements franchise, career longevity, and more.


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