Bellashoot Introduces New Beauty App

Bellashoot AppBellashoot, a popular social hub for beauty experts and brands, has launched a new beauty app. Compatible with iOS devices, the app allows beauty enthusiasts to organize all of their favorite products, tutorials, and inspiration while also sharing their own content and building relationships. “Bellashoot’s mission is to innovate and simplify the way women stay on top of the latest in beauty as she goes through her daily life,” says Bellashoot’s cofounder Saje Sandhu. “We see this social application as a necessary component to every women’s beauty vanity and the first place she’ll go to be inspired, learn about products, ask questions, and play with various beauty techniques. We are helping women experience beauty in a better way.” Available for free on iTunes, the app features built-in camera functionality to take product pictures and create beauty tutorials on the go, and a space to store all their beauty interests. It is suitable for everyone from veteran makeup artists and beauty gurus seeking tips and advice. “This positive and encouraging social community is redefining the way women discover and learn about all things beauty,” says cofounder Gee Collins. “We’re building a candid and authentic platform for women to uncover and explore new products by getting feedback based on real people sharing their personal experiences. And this authenticity provides a higher value for those looking for answers to their beauty questions.”

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