Blackhawk Network Holdings Acquires Spafinder Wellness

Blackhawk Network Holdings, a global gift card distributor, acquired Spafinder Wellness this past September. John Bevan, former chief operating officer for Spafinder Wellness 365, now leads the Spafinder business for Blackhawk. Blackhawk now has an additional network through which it can provide services, such as adding new products into distribution, broadening the reach of spas, and driving sales of spa services and customer acquisition for spas. Blackhawk is continuing to work on improving Spafinder’s services and gift card sales in the UK and U.S., as well as expanding the company’s reach into spas through Blackhawk’s platform solutions. For example, Blackhawk’s Hawk Direct enables any spa to sell its own gift card or egift on its own site. Blackhawk will be able to expand Hawk Direct to spas and provide assistance with card design, production, and processing. These capabilities will in turn help improve Spafinder’s branded value with its customer base, which currently includes more than 25,000 wellness partners worldwide. The company's gift cards are also available online and at more than 40,000 retailers, as well as through corporate incentive and rewards programs.