Bliss Spas Collaborates with Book4Time to Launch Mobile Booking Application

Bliss Spa Mobile Bliss Spas (multiple locations) has partnered with Book4Time, a spa management software provider, to introduce a mobile booking application for iOS and Android to give customers the convenience to book appointments from their smartphones. “With the introduction of the mobile app, Bliss will be able to capture more business from consumers who are making transactions on-the-go as well as consistently stay top-of-mind through push-to-mobile promotions,” says Roger Sholanki, founder and CEO of Book4Time. Available for download on iTunes and Google Play, the Bliss app aims to meet customers’ increasing needs for convenience. “When Book4Time presented us with the opportunity, we jumped on it,” says Aimee Schmalzle, vice president of ecommerce at Bliss. “You can use the app to reference booked appointments and easily find information about the spa—directions, appointment details, and amenities.” 

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