Body Bliss Launches Crystal Infusions

Body Bliss has introduced Crystal Infusions, a custom gemstone therapy that is currently available through its Aroma Design Bar and Intentional Aromatherapy App. With this new therapy, spa guests are able to create bespoke combinations of essential oils and gemstones for a range of positive effects. Available in a convenient roll-on tube, users can apply these oil blends to pulse points and inhale to experience the benefits. “Gemstones have high vibrational properties and have been used for thousands of years for healing and spiritual rituals,” says Denise Dubois, CEO of Complexions Spa (multiple locations in NY). “Crystal Infusions allow our guests to create a personalized, memorable experience that is also restorative and balancing. The roll-on tube is convenient for home care and travel.” Crystal Infusions are available with the following gemstones:

  • Garnet: This red gemstone enhances energy, passion, and pleasure and stimulates physical activity.
  • Rose Quartz: This pink gemstone promotes love, empathy, and forgiveness.
  • Gold Stone: This dark blue gemstone attracts abundance, opportunity, and good fortune.
  • Blue Agate: This blue gemstone is deeply calming, supports intuition, tranquility, and peaceful communication.
  • Aventurine: This green gemstone supports harmony, balance, happiness, and prosperity.
  • Amethyst: This purple gemstone supports inner strength and prosperity, as well as helps a clients better understand themselves.