Booker Teams Up with Yelp and MapQuest

Booker, a leading marketing and business management software, has partnered with Yelp and MapQuest to expand the marketing reach of SpaBooker clients. The partnership will provide merchants with automated listings, real-time booking, and expanded local visibility. “By partnering with Booker, MapQuest offers our users the ability to secure appointments around the corner, across town, and even around the world with our local discovery tool already used by millions every day,” says Brian McMahon, general manager of MapQuest. “For the myriad of consumers using MapQuest for travel planning, the ability to book spa appointments is a relevant enhancement to the overall travel experience, especially for those using MapQuest to find and book hotels.” With Yelp, consumers will be able to check availability and schedule an appointment in real-time directly from a Booker merchant’s online listing by clicking a Book Now option. Booker will also provide the Book Now functionality on Yelp to its merchants at no additional charge. ”Booker is a great addition to the Yelp platform,“ says Mike Ghaffary, vice president of business and corporate development at Yelp. “We already know people are turning to Yelp to discover great local spas and salons, and now they can seamlessly book their appointment with just a few taps or clicks in Yelp.”

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