Borboleta Beauty Partners with Christian Zamora

Borboleta Beauty, lash extension manufacturer, is partnering with New York City master lash and makeup artist Christian Zamora. As master of artistry for Borboleta, Zamora will develop the company’s Artistry Program and expand its network of accredited artists, experts, and thought leaders. “To say I am honored to be working with Christian is an understatement,” says Kim Jaynes, founder and CEO of Borboleta. “I am still pinching myself to make sure it’s real. As I have gotten to know Christian personally over the last few months, I am floored by his talent, expertise, and genuine grace.”

A master artistry course and certification for lash extensions is planned for the Artistry Program. The advanced course will be 100 percent focused on the art of lashing—looking at a client’s unique features and tailoring a custom set of lashes that shapes the eye to enhance their natural beauty. “What I love about Borboleta is they get it,” says Zamora. “Between its training and product line, the company is leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else out there. The fact that they are training students to look at someone’s unique features and create a custom look that enhances their natural beauty is phenomenal.” 

In conjunction with Zamora’s new position, the Christian Zamora Studio (New York City) will be co-branded with Borboleta and utilized as a beauty academy to host educational courses and events, as well as expand the Utah-based brand’s presence on the east coast.