Check Out the Goodies in the Special Edition Noteworthy Naturals Beauty Box

Fresh Finds Beauty Box
The Noteworthy Naturals Special Edition Beauty Box will begin shipping this week. // Photo courtesy of American Spa

Consumers are increasingly seeking beauty products that are clean, green, and eco-friendly. This means they are coming to you for products that are both effective and good for the environment. This month, we’re here to help with our special edition Noteworthy Naturals Beauty Box. In it, we provide products your clients will love and that are also healthy for the planet.

For faces, we offer an all-natural peel, stem cell eye pads, and a scrumptious lip scrub. Then, for the body, we bring you a CBD-infused massage cream and an all-natural suncare solution derived from plant-based ingredients. Finally, we offer a nourishing natural serum designed to treat intimate feminine areas with care.

We are here to show you, and by extension your clients, that it is easy to be green. And we make it even easier for you to spread this message by providing discount codes for savings on bulk orders of all of the offerings inside. Stock your backbar and retail shelves with these eco-friendly items. Your clients—and our planet—will thank you. Take a look at the inspiring products below.


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1. Cherry + Pomegranate Bio-Enzyme Peel by CBI Laboratories

CBI Laboratories introduces Cherry + Pomegranate Bio-Enzyme Peel, a delicious skin-refining enzymatic treatment containing all-natural ingredients that help smooth, tone, and brighten the skin.

Suggested Retail Price: $40
Discount with Box: Save 20 percent off your order of Cherry + Pomegranate Bio-Enzyme Peel. Offer expires June 1. Minimum order quantities apply.

2. Blackberry Crush Hydrating Lip Balm by FarmHouse Fresh


This luscious Blackberry Crush Hydrating Lip Balm gives chapped lips a restorative and hydrating treat with a rich and creamy long-wear formula that lasts with just one application. It's made with jojoba oil and shea butters to promote healing and hydration with every use.

Suggested Retail Price: $15
Discount with Box: Enjoy 10 percent off any retail purchase from until July 31.

3. Regenerating Serum BioFemme by Nelly De Vuyst

This multipurpose oil is formulated with a complex of super moisturizing and regenerating oils that help relieve dryness on all parts of the body, including the intimate feminine area.

Suggested Retail Price: $53.20
Discount with Box: Receive access to our exclusive BioFemme Feminine Health Kit for only $79.15 through May 31.

4. ActiveCell Instantly Activated Collagen Stem Cell Eye Pads by Saian Natural Clinical Skincare


ActiveCell™ Instantly Activated Collagen Stem Cell Eye Pads are made from the highest quality medical-grade freeze-dried insoluble collagen fibers and cut perfectly to fit under the eyes. We use collagen peptides identical to the skin, which penetrate deeply and support tissue renewal. Swiss apple stem cells extend the lifetime of the skin’s stem cells and work to actively slow down the signs of chronological aging. Resveratrol, obtained from red grapes, is highly antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals and extends the cells’ ability to function. It also minimizes the effects of environmental stress. Skull-cap protects telomeres and extends the cell division stage. Each Insta-Pack™ contains two dry eye pads and a capsule filled with hyaluronic acid activator serum.

Suggested Retail Price: $16.90
Discount with Box: Receive 20 percent your entire order.

5. Deep Tissue CBD Massage & Pain Relief Cream by Lacuna Botanicals

Deep Tissue was created in 2015 as the world’s first purpose-built CBD massage cream. It is a luxurious blend of pain-relieving essential oils, terpenes, and CBD. Deep Tissue has a soothing scent reminiscent of a spa experience rather than intense menthol, like traditional pain relief creams, yet it is highly effective on a remarkably wide range of pain and inflammation.

Suggested Retail Price: $38
Discount with Box: Exclusive wholesale pricing for American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) members.

6. Serum Crema by Vive Sana


Vive Sana is a luxurious, impeccably clean organic suncare line. Its remarkable organic ingredients create an elegant feel and finish to form a multi-correctional approach to thriving, beautiful skin.

Suggested Retail Price: $75
Discount with Box: Buy 10 of either the Daily Protezione or Serum Crema and get two free until June 30.

Get more info in the Facebook Live unboxing below:

Limited boxes are still available! Place your orders for the next shipment here.


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