Cidesco to Open Training Salon in 2020

The training salon will provide the highest standard of education in spa and beauty. Photo Credit: Cidesco

Cidesco, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy, will open a new and exclusive training salon in 2020. Located at Cidesco’s head office in Zurich, Switzerland, the training salon will provide the highest standard of education in spa and beauty. Beyond training, Cidesco will offer a platform to produce educational webinars for its members. The webinars will be aimed at offering Cidesco International Examiners continued professional development training and assisting the educational mission of Cidesco schools by giving insight into the changing industry trends. “At Cidesco we offer the highest standard of education, and for us to now be able to do this from our own Cidesco Training Salon is fantastic,” says president Sandy Fuhr. “We are delighted to announce the new facility and hope that our webinars will also make training simple and accessible to Cidesco sections, schools, and students worldwide.” 

The development of the new Cidesco Training Salon is sponsored by top industry providers Repêchage, Lemi, Florence Roby, Ionto-Comed, and Babor, which share the same ethos in quality of training and services. To learn more about the educational programs Cidesco currently provides, visit


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