Clear Clinic Acne Treatment Center Announces the Launch of At-home Acne Program

Clear Clinic Laboratories Personalized Acne Treatment System Clear Clinic, The Acne Treatment Center (multiple locations, New York City), announced the launch of Clear Clinic Laboratories, a line of professional-grade over-the-counter skincare products, along with Clear Clinic @ Home, their new customized at-home acne treatment program designed to bring high-level dermatologic care straight to the clients’ door. Launching next year on Jan. 7., the line includes 19 acne-fighting products. As the first complete online personalized professional acne treatment program, Clear Clinic @ Home will be available to acne sufferers. Under the direction of board-certified dermatologist and acne expert, Eric Schweiger, M.D., the program will enable clients to obtain personalized product regimens, interact with acne professionals, receive customized treatment guidance, and track their progress, all through an online portal with individualized accounts, as well as monthly consultations and a continuous supply of products. Consultations can be held at the patient’s convenience via live video, e-chat, or a telephone call. “At Clear Clinic we constantly strive to provide our patients with the best, most innovative and effective acne reduction therapies,” says Schweiger. “With Clear Clinic @ Home and the Clear Clinic Laboratories product line, we are extending these top notch services into the future and beyond New York, making quality acne care accessible to all.”

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