The Clear Skin Project Unveils Updated Website

The Clear Skin Project, a resource on acne for teens and young adults, launched its redesigned website, It is an online community that is dedicated to promoting open discussions to support sufferers of acne and diminish its stigma. The improved site features faster navigation, expert advice, improved search, and the ability to sign up for the latest updates from medical professionals. The homepage highlights content focused on acne education and offers personalized treatment options and the opportunity to submit questions for expert advice. “The Clear Skin Project aims to open the channels of communication between millennial acne sufferers and our team of Acne Cure Alliance experts, who provide unbiased information and support without an affiliation with any product or brand name,” says Ray Chambers, founder of the Acne Cure Alliance. “We hope that by reaching millennials with evidence-based and compelling information about their skin and the factors that might affect their acne, such as diet and stress, acne sufferers will realize that they’re not alone in the fight to achieve clear skin and an understanding of this disease.”

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