Clients Are Geling at Home with Red Carpet Manicure

I love a good gel manicure. But sometimes, due to my travel schedule, shipping the magazine, and generally being busy, I don’t get to a spa or salon as often as I would like to have the services performed by a pro. But now, thanks to Red Carpet Manicure and its fun collection of nail kits, I can give myself a lasting gel manicure with flair from the comfort of my home or hotel room. Launched in September 2011, this at-home LED light activated gel polish system comes in 58 shades of polish, which allows for incredible versatility in an easy-to-apply format. The new Nail Art Kits make the look even more enticing. Whether it’s creating a French manicure with the French Manicure Kit, taking on the hot ombre look with the Tips & Tricks kit, or adding sparkle with Gems & Jewels, there is something for every nail aficionado. “We’re seeing an increase in the creativity and artistry of manicures on the red carpet with celebrities,” says Barbara Zamudio, vice president of mass merchandising for Ulta, which carries the line. “We wanted to give consumers the same tools and means to recreate these looks, as well as fashion their own.”