CND Shellac System Now Fully Patented

CND Shellac SystemCND, a global leader in professional nail, hand, and foot care has been awarded six patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the technology behind its CND Shellac three-part system, which consists of a Base Coat, a Color Coat, and a Top Coat, each cured under the CND UV Lamp for zero-dry time. “These patents for CND Shellac are a validation of our innovation,” says Dave Valia, Ph.D., vice president of research & development for CND. “They solidify our technical leadership and protect our investment in creating a new category in nail coatings performance and care.” In addition, the company recently launched the CND Shellac Pro Certification program, which offers nail professionals an opportunity to learn about the CND Shellac system, expert application techniques, and the ability to become certified as experts on CND Shellac services.

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