Coach to WIN!

Are you watching the NBA Playoffs?

I love watching basketball even though my team, The Orlando Magic, was  eliminated.  What I love most is watching coaches handle their team during the game. Watching their emotions and involvement, evaluating every move, making adjustments to their strategies, all their focus on defense/offense, when to take a timeout and regroup, and so on…  It’s similar to managing your business.  Excellent coaching in sports or business is essential for success.
When you are playing a game, you play to WIN!  Winning being the most important objective.  What is most important to you in your business?
This is one of my favorite questions. I ask it to leaders during the Leap Ahead Seminar and  always get a variety of answers: from setting a good example, to being a good communicator, to helping the team, to providing great guest experiences and the list go on… but what I don’t hear often enough is: To have a VERY successful business!!! To win!!
I encourage you to do this exercise, make a list of what is most important to you as a coach/leader.  Also, ask your team what is most important to them and write their responses down on a board and/or post them in the team lounge.  It will give everyone clarity as to why we are doing what we do and give you the opportunity to set new goals and chart career paths.
Speaking of Career Paths… Do you think there is a shortage of great coaches, managers and spa directors?  That seems to be the case.  I have clients who are looking for spa managers and are having a difficult time filling these positions.  Why do you think that is?  Is it because we don’t have enough people who want to take on the responsibilities?  Or maybe the current spa entrepreneurs are not preparing their spa employees to step up and get promoted?  What do you think?
As coaches, it’s important to develop our team members so they can get a promotion and have a career in the spa industry.  Coaches in sports continually train their teams. We need to do the same.  Do you focus on developing your team?
If anyone would like to learn more about spa director positions in Ocala or Homestead Florida, and in Winston Salem, North Carolina express your interest by leaving a comment.
Who do you think is going to win the NBA championship? I am for... DA BULLS!