Comfort Zone and Davines Obtain B Corp Certification

The Italian skincare brand Comfort Zone and parent company Davines Group have achieved B Corporation certification. With an exceptional score of 99, Comfort Zone joins more than 2,000 global companies with the common goal of maximizing their positive impact by providing innovative solutions to environmental and social issues and respecting the highest standards of performance, transparency, and accountability. “For the past 15 to 16 years, almost since the birth of the company, we’ve believed in a lot of the same principles that the B Corp stands for, says general manager Brian Brazeau. “These were all relevant values that were important to us as a family-run company but we felt alone in the world as though we were the only ones caring about them.” B Lab, the nonprofit organization and certifying body that is in charge of measuring the company’s degree of social and environmental performance, assessed the companies in five areas—governance, people, community, environment, and customers—in mid-September. "We landed at 99, which I’m extremely proud of and extremely happy about," says Brazeau. "This was the first time we tried to certify, and already on our first attempt we were four points higher than the average B Corp." The minimum score to be certified is 80 points, and on average a company would score 56 points if tested without making adjustments. According to him, achieving the B Corp certification was a collaborative initiative, touching everyone working in the lab and in the warehouse and the entire community of the organization. As such, all employees shared in the celebration of their accomplishment when the company received the formal written confirmation on Dec. 1. “We were relieved to find out that there is a movement of companies that draws inspiration from the same principles we believe in,” says CEO Paolo Braguzzi. “This makes us optimistic on the possibility that business becomes a tool beneficial for the wellbeing of the society and not the other way round.”