Comphy’s New Weighted Blankets Bring Extra Comfort to the Treatment Room

The Comphy Weighted Blanket in grey. // Photo by Comphy.

Comphy recently released a weighted blanket designed to reduce anxiety and stress in spa treatment rooms. Recognizing the connection between spa treatments and stress reduction, the luxury linen brand designed the blanket with clients’ mental and physical comfort in mind. Weighted blankets provide deep pressure stimulation, which can calm clients during spa treatments. The luxury material can be used for treatment rooms and as a sleep retail item in spa boutiques. Additionally, the blanket could be used in hotel rooms to improve the quality of sleep. 

“People turn to spa treatments as part of their health and wellness regimen, and reducing stress and anxiety are a huge part of that these days,” said Mia Richardson, CEO of Comphy. “I wanted to bring our clients a new product they can use with their spa customers that directly addressed these issues, so we did our research to find something that has been proven to help reduce stress levels. Then we put our Comphy spin on it, making it super soft and luxurious in a way you can’t find with other weighted blankets.”

The Comphy Weighted Blanket was developed with great detail, including ultra-fine glass beads within each six-inch quilted square. The micro-mink exterior is soft and balanced to provide a soothing effect. With 48-inch by 72-inch dimensions, the weighted blanket is sized for individual use, making it easy for spa professionals to move the 10-pound blanket and suitable for spa treatment tables. A removable microfiber cover is also available for purchase for added protection of the blanket. 


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