Cosmedica Skincare Introduces New Packaging

Cosmedica Skincare, manufacturer of anti-aging dermatologic products, has redesigned its image, creating a new logo along with new packaging. "While our old logo and package design served their purpose, we felt it was time for something new—something modern that reflects the current status and success of the company," says CEO Thomas Conway. "We know we offer some of the best skincare products on the market, and we want to make sure our image reflects that level of quality, so we gave ourselves a facelift that we are confident better communicates who Cosmedica Skincare is today." Additionally, the company recently relocated its headquarters to a 5,000-square-foot warehouse in Rocklin, California to accommodate growing demand for products and better house their increasing staff. "It was time,” says Conway. “We'd outgrown our previous facility and didn't have the space to keep our orders from spilling out the doors. The new building is something we can grow with." In addition, the company now ships worldwide, and remains focused on formulating innovative products. Conway adds, "The future for Cosmedica Skincare is bright. I believe our recent facelift is just a forerunner of many great things to come."

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