Cosmetica Labs Opens New LA-Based Hub

Cosmetica Labs has opened in Los Angeles, CA. // All photos courtesy of Cosmetica Labs(Photo by Cosmetica Labs)

Cosmetica Labs has opened a new Los Angeles innovation hub. Originally located in Toronto, Canada, Cosmetica has been leading the cosmetic manufacturing industry for more than 30 years. With its mission to create unique partnering experiences for beauty brands to translate their vision into innovative products, the brand is expanding internationally to be closer to many of their established clients and potential new brand partners.  

 Cosmetica Labs new LA Hub.

“We are excited about the opportunity to reach out to and collaborate with all of the emerging indie beauty brands from the greater Los Angeles area,” says Linda Kuga Pikulin, president of Cosmetica. 

The new lab will be equipped with senior chemists and new top-of-the-line technology to further accelerate their innovation platforms and meet the needs of their global client base. The new California location will continue to concentrate on Cosmetica’s most popular product categories such as skincare, powders, slurries, lip products, mascara, and foundation. Cosmetica is also focusing on developing clean formulas and exploring raw material breakthroughs. 


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Cosmetica beauty products made within its new LA Hub.

“Cosmetica has always prided itself on our innovation, swift execution, and unparalleled customer service,” said Kathie Elliot, vice president of sales, marketing, and product development. “Our international expansion will offer additional services such as more flexibility in sampling and smaller batch orders with even faster turnaround times. The LA hub allows us to be a full value partner by offering agility, quality, and innovation to ensure client success.”

The new lab will kick off the first week with meetings and events to introduce potential and current clients to the exciting new space.


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