Custom Everything

It’s not groundbreaking news that different skin types require different product formulations and treatments in the spa. What is surprising is how many one-size-fits-all services are still available—and popular—in spas.  One company that’s made great strides in the custom arena is Bioelements, and here’s what director of education Teresa Stenzel had to say on the topic.


What benefits does custom blending provide?

Custom Blending allows the esthetician to become a cosmetic chemist in the treatment room, further zeroing in on specific skin concerns, including aging, breakouts, redness, dehydration and much more. It helps build trust and loyalty between the client and the esthetician. Due to the specialized formula that the esthetician has, they can tweak each facial from visit to visit and have perfect control to maximize results, every time.


Why do generic “cookie cutter” facials not work?

That’s not how the skin works and neither do these facials. You need the ability to make changes to your treatments in a moment’s notice. Every skin is different, and clients’ needs can change from visit to visit, due to lifestyle, environment, medication, or hormones.


Are there any ingredients or specific products you look to include in every single facial or body treatment you provide?

We don’t necessarily focus on one particular group of ingredients or products—it's the client's skin that determines the right course of action. There are steps in a facial that always need to be performed, including Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliation, a Custom Blend Massage, Power Treatment, and more. The formulas chosen for each step depend entirely on the SkinReading and the client’s specific concerns.


When custom blending is used, how long do results typically last?

If the esthetician is consistent with her SkinReading and custom blends every facial and also sends the client home with the right at-home formulas to use on a daily basis, long-term results can be achieved. The stronger the communication between the client and the esthetician, and with regular customized facials and take home products, dramatic, lasting improvements are possible.


Does your spa include personalized facials and other tailored services for clients?