Dazzle Dry Mani Pedi Mobile Cart Expands Spa Nail Service Options

Dazzle Dry Mani Pedi Mobile Cart


Eco-chic beauty provider VB Cosmetics launched its new Dazzle Dry Mani Pedi Mobile Cart. The cart was exclusively designed and developed for Dazzle Dry by spa equipment company Living Earth Crafts and enables spas to expand their nail service business beyond the confines of traditional spa walls and also includes retail space. “This is truly a groundbreaking and revolutionary development in spa services,” says Adar Venyige, senior sales representative for VB Cosmetics. “For the first time, manicure and pedicure services can easily be performed poolside, in guest’s rooms and just about anywhere for weddings or special events. The possibilities are endless as it frees up stations within the spa itself and creates a new service buzz for participating spas. It’s never been done before, we’re profoundly proud to be the first brand to offer this game-changing service expansion.”

The cart comes equipped with a removable umbrella and two folding stools that store within the cart for seamless mobility. Professionals also have the option of adding additional stools that will allow each cart to perform as two active stations. There is a built-in showcase with marketing materials to create a fully stocked retail station along with customized product packages to give professionals full access to any desired Dazzle Dry products. “We’re very excited to be driving this next evolution in spa service offerings and believe the Mani Pedi Mobile Cart in conjunction with Dazzle Dry’s unique formulation has potential to change the way spas do nails now and well into the future,” says founder and president Vivian B. Valenty, PhD. “Our team is available to help spas conceptualize, develop, and implement their mobile service strategy.”

The cart is exclusively designed to offer services with Dazzle Dry nail lacquer, which is 100 percent vegan and free of any harmful or reactive ingredients. Products include Nail Prep, Base Coat, Lacquers, and Top Coat and all feature its proprietary Flex TECHnology allowing a manicure to bend, expand, and contract with the natural nail for seven to 14 days of chip-free wear. “Dazzle Dry dries rock hard in just 5 minutes with no UV/LED light, allowing clients to receive service poolside then swim in just 5 minutes with no fear of smudges, nicks, or peeling,” says Valenty. “Many more clients can be serviced in a small time frame for weddings and special events using Dazzle Dry.”


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