Dazzle Dry Named an ISPA 2018 Innovate Award Winner

(Dazzle Dry)

Dazzle Dry has been named a 2018 International Spa Association (ISPA) Innovate Award winner in the award's product category. ISPA recognized Dazzle Dry's new Four Step Nailcare System for it's great contribution to the spa industry. This fall, the brand will accept the award at The 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo in Phoenix, Sept. 24-26. 

Below, check out the Dazzle Dry Four-Step Nailcare System that earned the brand the award:

  1. Saturate a lint-free cotton pad with Nail Prep and scrub each nail, removing all remnants of oil, lotion, and other contaminants. Use one cotton pad per hand to ensure an optimal canvas.

  2. Generously apply two coats of Base Coat, encapsulating the free edge of each nail.  Allow each layer to dry matte prior to applying next coat. Keep Base Coat confined to the nail plate to prevent product lifting.

  3. Apply the first coat of Nail Lacquer thinly and the second coat generously. Encapsulate the free edge of each nail with each coat. Keep Nail Lacquer confined to the nail plate to prevent product lifting.

  4. Generously apply Top Coat. Use the tip of the brush to glide over and burst any air bubbles that may have formed. Encapsulate the free edge of each nail, sealing in all the layers. Keep Top Coat confined to the nail plate to prevent product lifting. Allow five minutes to dry. 

Product is just one of the six ISPA Innovate Awards categories, the others being experience, leadership and philanthropy, technology and equipment, treatment, and philanthropy. American Spa has been selected as a 2018 ISPA Innovate Award Winner in the leadership and philanthropy category for its Women in Wellness campaign. 


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