Dermalogica Expands Educational Platform

Dermalogica has added Expert Plus, a higher tier to its Expert Program, an education ranking system for skin therapists. “Our Expert Plus Program demonstrates that our brand’s core concepts are not only good for skin—they’re good for business, as well,” says Heather Hickman, director of U.S. education. “Today’s competitive field requires greater desire, greater excellence, and greater performance, and that is what these Experts are all about. And there is no one better to inspire and empower our tribe than these top performers in the skincare profession.” Developed to create technical skills and help increase business profitability, the program is structured into three tiers: Dermalogica Certified (Tier 1), Dermalogica Specialist (Tier 2), and Dermalogica Expert (Tier 3). In order to advance from one tier to the next, participants must complete a series of classes, including improving proficiency with an array of specific ingredients, treatments, and Dermalogica products.

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